Dryer and Dryer Vent Cleaning

The modern clothes dryer has become a convenience that we just can’t live without. If your family is like most the dryer will be running almost non-stop during the week as you process load after load of clothes to keep your family happy and fresh from day to day.

Most dryers happily carry on day after day without complaint and so life passes with little to no hiccups in your daily routine.

And then it happens: one day you start your dryer, like you have so many times before, walk away and the next thing you know your laundry room is pouring smoke into the rest of the house as the dryer lint catches fire and begins to burn at an intensity so hot that it can, and will, spread easily into the rest of your home, burning and destroying everything you have worked so hard to build. As the fire spreads into the walls, over the ceiling, across the carpet you can do nothing but flee for safety as your house is engulfed before your eyes.

A nightmare scenario that every home owner dreads!

This does not have to happen to you, however. You can avoid this fate if you do one simple thing each and every year. Get your dryer and dryer vents cleaned by a professional cleaning service like Ducks Appliance.

Cleaning you appliance every year greatly reduces the risk of fire spread from the dryer and will give you peace of mind knowing that you can rest easy having taken the simple step necessary to protect your home and family – call Ducks Appliance for a dryer/dryer vent cleaning today.

Why should I clean my dryer and dryer vents?

According to https://www.usfa.fema.gov/prevention/outreach/clothes_dryers.html there are over 2900 fires caused by dryers each year.

Those fires are responsible for multiple deaths and injuries as well as upwards of $35 million dollars in property damage.

The number one cause of these fires is failure to clean the dryer and dryer vent lines. Lint buildup inside the dryer as well as lint clogging the vent lines creates a perfect environment for spontaneous combustion of the highly flammable dryer lint that has accumulated inside the dryer and vent lines. The clogged vents block airflow from the dryer causing heated air to remain in the dryer when it would normally be expelled through the vent lines. This in turn causes your dryer to take longer to dry and is the first sign that you may need a dryer and dryer vent cleaning. The blocked lines then cause dryer lint to backup inside the dryer itself which puts the lint in contact with the burner (gas dryers) or heater element (electric) which is where the first sparks of a dryer fire can occur.

So how do we protect our homes and families?

The best and most effective way to prevent dryer fires is through dryer and dryer vent cleaning. This allows a trained technician to clean the lint and other debris that are clogging your lines and lining your dryers interior spaces and leave you with a clean and refreshed dryer and vent system as well as peace of mind.

What do I look for in a dryer and dryer vent cleaning company?

  1. Make sure that the company you choose will clean the dryer as well as the vents. It makes no sense to clean the vents if you leave the lint inside the dryer to catch fire on the element.
  2. Watch to insure they actually disassemble and fully clean the dryer not just remove the lint filter and stick the vacuum down the trap hole or remove the bottom kick panel to shove a duster inside.
  3. Ask if they are qualified to make repairs to vent lines and to the dryer should they accidentally damage either one and find out what their policy is before you contract the work.
  4. Find out how their warranty works. Will they come back and clean again if they didn’t do an adequate job the first time? How long is their warranty period? What other costs might be involved if they have to return?

How Can We Help?

We at Ducks Appliance have almost 30 years in the appliance service industry. We are the #1 service provider in the greater Richmond area and we clean and service hundreds of appliances every month.

Unlike other vent cleaning companies we actually disassemble the entire dryer and clean it from top to bottom before reassembling and moving on to the vent lines.

We stand by our work giving you peace of mind and our 1 year warranty on all service we provide and you can rest easy knowing that we are fully qualified to repair vent lines and dryers should something need to be repaired while we are there. And if we break it we will fix it for free!

Give us a call today and let us help you protect your home and family from preventable dryer fires.

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